Facade works

A theatre starts from cloakroom and any building starts from facade. It forms the first impression of home. Besides, a facade protects its walls from precipitation, heat, freezing and fire.  That’s why it enjoys strict requirements on constructive and trimming.

We deal with assembly, construction and reconstruction rendering wide range of services on implementation of various facade works. Using own experience and skills as well as modern technologies and materials we may recreate the historical view of the facade basing upon the draughts and implement reconstruction of any level of complexity.

We offer services of repair as well as heat and sound insulation of facade of private houses, offices, high buildings, and warehouse and logistic and commercial-entertaining centers. Depending on the destination of the house and considering the customer’s desires our specialists will choose the optimal technology of trimming works and materials usage of which will reduce your costs for heating the house.


The cost of the facade works shall be individually calculated. In each concrete case it shall be specific because some factors including the following ones have influence on the cost:

  • The customer’s preferences.
  • The individual features of the house architecture.
  • The volume of the preparation works.
  • The facade area.
  • The type of trimmings.

1. Heat insulation of facade

  • Heat insulation of walls.
  • Sound insulation of walls.
  • Outwards heat insulation of walls.
  • Heat insulation of facade of a private house.
  • Heat insulation of facade of a multistoried building.

2. Trimming of façade with decorative plaster:

  • “Bark beetle” facade plaster
  • “Marble crumb” mosaic plaster

3. Revetment of façade with natural stone:

  • Revetment of façade with limestone.
  • Revetment of façade with sandstone.

4. Installation of the façade system:

  • Ventilated pendant façade made of composite;
  • Ventilated pendant façade made of ceramic granite;
  • Ventilated fibrocement facade.

5. Assembly of facade decor: mouldings, cornices, windowsils.

6. Painting the house facade with acryl and other dyes.