Polyurethane and epoxy fluid floors

The modern fluid floors are high-technology coats having monolithic jointless structure. Double polymeric filling is used as main material for their installation. The fluid polymeric coats are highly hygienic, wear endurance, dustlessness and have attractive appearance.

Popular types

The fluid floors are made mainly of polyurethane or epoxy resin and divided into two types.

  • Polyurethane fluid floors. Such coats have high stability against loading, perfect elasticity and durability against temperature drops and vibrations. The polyurethane fluid floors may be used in production workshops and industrial freezers as well as administrative premises or warehouses.
  • Epoxy fluid floors. Such coats have less elasticity than the polyurethane ones but very high stability against various damages (neither scratched nor sensible to chemical substances). Owing to own features the fluid floors made of epoxy resin are used at the social locations like hospitals, schools, universities, trade centers, restaurants, etc.

The merits and features of the fluid floors

The fluid floors made of polymeric contents have high stability against mechanical and chemical impacts and may serve for several decades retaining own appearance. The polymeric coats have low inflammability and full safety for human health because they neither cause allergic reactions nor emit toxic substances. Besides, owing to the seamless structure neither dust nor dirt gets accumulated on the surface of the fluid floors and such surfaces get cleaned quickly and easily.