Stamped concrete:

This technology helps creating a firm colored concrete surface with texture of natural stones, brick laying, paving blocks and even wooden boards in the process of concrete pouring directly in the construction site. It is usable for construction of traffic roads, urban squares, alleys, garden paths, pavements, floors of exhibition halls, restaurants and residential premises. It has a lot of significant preferences. First of all, it has incredible variety of forms, textures and colors. It allows creating inconceivable surfaces and choose them in compliance with the architectural style and the designers’ desire.  This technology appeared indispensable for restoration works because sometimes it is impossible to find appropriate materials and methods of processing the natural stones having been used for paving several centuries ago; however, using the stamped concrete it is possible to create the accurate copy or choose suitable texture of natural stone, granite, slate or old brick among the existing ones. In second, a painted and strengthened concrete surface with power dye and protected with hermetic lacquer acquires not only a beautiful appearance but also important features like high endurance and frost resistance as well as protection from environmental influences and easiness of service.